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Self Employed Mortgages

More Canadians are becoming self-employed.   With new government regulations, this segment of the population are having difficulty getting a mortgage with traditional lenders.  

Often self-employed individuals cannot provide proof of all their income.   Write offs cover much of the income to save on taxes but then the government says if you want to save on taxes, you don't borrow.  "You can't have your cake and eat it too".  Right?

Perhaps not.  We at CCC have strategic relationships to help you get your mortgage even if you cannot provide all the income needed.

This can apply to those who are commission based as well.

We have assisted clients such as:  

General Contractors, Taxi Drivers, Plumbers, Electricians, Retailers, Accountants  

1. 10% Down Payment and Insured by Genworth
2. 20% to 25% Down with No Insurance.  This option will require Appraisal and 6 Months Bank Statements.
3. 25% and Insured by Genworth with lower insurance premium
4. It is possible to purchase with 10% with no insurance, if we can arrange a Vendor Take Back

A few lenders and Genworth recognize the unique financing challenges of self-employed Canadians.  To help you realize your dreams of homeownership, we can offer mortgage loan insurance options for self-employed borrowers without traditional third party validation of income.  
Available for purchases and refinances
Can finance up to 90% on Purchases and up to 80% on refinances

Good Credit
Proof of business for self:  Business License/Registration or Articles of Inc.
T1 Generals for Last 2 Years
Self Employed for at least 1 Year, preferably 2+
Latest Notice of Assessment confirming no taxes are owing
Appraisal maybe Required
Have 10% down?
Call us today and we will get you a mortgage!