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Reverse Mortgage Canada

Reverse Mortgage Plan for Canadian Seniors
Our group strategizes regularly.
Reverse Mortgages have been available in Canada for over 25 years but there are still many myths and misconceptions about them.
How Does A Reverse Mortgage Work?
Below is some Reverse Mortgage information 
  • It's a financial solution designed for senior Canadian homeowners aged 55+
  • You can access up to 55% of the value of your home
  • You always maintain ownership of your home and never have to move or sell
  • There are no payments required
  • You can receive your 'tax-free' cash over time or one lump sum
  • ​You use the money for whatever you choose to use it for
You worked hard to become and stay a homeowner, and it's important to us that we keep it that way.

With a Reverse Mortgage, you keep control of your home. In other words, you will never be asked to sell/move due to value fluxuations.  This is put in writing.

You never have a payment to make unless you choose to.

The amount that you or your estate eventually have to repay will be the amount borrowed plus interest and will never exceed the fair market value of your home at the time it is sold.  There’s no reason your home should ever be a burden to you or your family.

Our president is one of only a few brokers in Canada certified with HomEquity Bank for Reverse Mortgages.

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Note: Minimum home value is $100,000 to qualify