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Residential Mortgages

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​​Let us do the leg work for you!
We work with a myriad of lenders from major banks and credit unions to sub-prime and private lenders.
  1. Property Purchase
    Whether you're looking to buy your first home or your 6th home. We have the expertise and options to assist you along with the industry's best lending partners to complete the entire home buying process with you. Low rate mortgages, mortgages across Ontario.
  2. Mortgage Renewal
    Lenders do not offer you their best rates on renewal. We can get you the low mortgage rates available to you. Before you sign a renewal, we can advise if you are getting the best rate OR we can get you the best rate.
  3. Refinancing Mortgage Home Equity Loan
    You can use your equity for just about anything: Renovations, Debt Consolidation, Vacation Home, Tuition, Vacation/Holiday, uses are limited only to your imagination.
  4. Reverse Mortgage
    You're at least 55 years of age with equity in your home. A reverse mortgage can lend up to 60% of your home's value with no payments owed until the home is sold.
  5. Private Mortgage
    A private mortgage is a quick way to access equity, especially under financial difficulty. We'll help you get the right private mortgage & protect your investment. Private mortgages aren't just for those with credit challenges. Real Estate Investors sometimes need private mortgages as lenders cap the number of homes they will finanance.
  6. Rent to Own
    A great plan for those lacking a down payment or a good credit history. You pick the home, lease it for 2-4 years, then buy it out on an already agreed upon price.
Home Equity Line of Credit
aka: HELOC

Another mortgage option is a Secured Line of Credit (aka: HELOC, HOLC).  These can be in lieu of a regular first mortgage or in 2nd place behind your current first mortgage.  Major banks go up to 65% of the house value while some of our lenders will go to 80%.  Fully open for early repayment and you can use it over again much like a low rate credit card.
New to Canada Mortgage

All three mortgage insurers, Genworth, CMHC and Canada Guarantee have options for those new to Canada to purchase a house with as little as 5% down.  Of course, you need to be working for at least 3 months.  Call us for more details.
Non Resident Mortgage

You are a Canadian citizen living/working in another country.  You want to purchase a property in Canada.  Aside from the sanctioned countries, yes, this is doable.  You will need a minimum of 30% down, a reference letter from your bank and likely a credit bureau from the country you are living or working in.  Call us and we can walk you through it.


Many Self-Employed/Business For Self feel left out with all the new regulations.
They bascially say "You can't have your cake and eat it too."
Meaning, you don't want to pay taxes and hide income, why should they make it easy for you to borrow money.  
At CCC, we don't fully agree!
There are programs to buy for as little as 5% down with 'Stated Income'...but the stated income has to be reasonable.
We also have lender relations enabling you to borrow with as little as 10% down whereby income is just not the #1 priority.

​​ Here are a few of our lenders

TD Bank, Scotiabank, First National Financial, MCAP, Meridian Credit Union,
Canadian Western Bank, Street Capital and more
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