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Rent To Own Canada

Our Rent to Own (Lease to Own) program helps people avoid the bank's inflexible rules allowing them to become home owners or to refinance an existing mortgage/property when facing financial trouble. 

Available Programs:
  • Rent to Own Purchase Program 
  • Lease Purchase Buy-Back Program – Stop Power of Sale 

We can help with the following:
  • Low Down Payment
  • Power of Sale / Foreclosure
  • New To Canada
  • Damaged Credit
  • Self Employed
  • Tax Arrears

When the Bank says no, we can get you a yes.
​​Starts with a down payment as little as 5% but with strong credit, can be as little as 3% if you are purchasing a home. 

If you are a current home owner and financial harship or even power of sale; we can use the existing equity in your home. You should be prepared for additional closing costs such as Independent Legal Advice (ILA), appraisal and a home inspection.
In a purchase, these costs are out of pocket bit in refinance situations, these costs may be able to come from the existing equity in your home.

If you rent now and want to own, consider the purchase program as Homeownership Boot camp helping you transition into owning.  Our program helps you budget and prepare for the extra costs such as property taxes so you are best prepared moving forward.
Lease purchase payments are higher than normal rental payments as up to 20% of the monthly cost is added to your initial and future down payment to put you in a prime qualifying position with your Bank and CMHC when its time to purchase the home. 

We also only build in a 2.5%-3% increase in value upon your future purchase.  With the Canadian Real Estate market averaging over 10% annually; this puts you in a great position whereby, you have equity in your home upon purchase.
Pros & Cons
Rent to Own