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Mortgage Rates
Prime: 3.20%

  • 1 year open:        3.99% apr
  • 1 year fixed:        2.64% apr
  • 2 year fixed:        2.79% apr
  • 3 year fixed:        2.84% apr
  • 4 year fixed:        2.94% apr
  • 5 year fixed:        2.94% apr
  • 5 year variable:  2.45% apr
  • 10 year fixed:      3.74% apr
  • Cash Back:           3.24% apr
  • HELOC:        from  3.70% apr
- Rates are subjest to change 
- Rates are OAC
- CashBack to a max of 3%
- Over 25yr AM may entail a rate premium
- Rental properties will entail a rate premium

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5yr Variable

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Loan Rates

Rates starting from 5.9% pending product , term, credit rating, etc.

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Credit Not Too Good?
Institutional Mortgage 'Options 1'
Up To 80% of Property Value

  • Credit scores as low as 500
  • Debt ratios up to 50%
  • 1 day discharge from bankruptcy
  • Will pay out consumer proposals
  • Will pay out tax arrears
  • Can payout debts
  • May not require a property tax hold back

Credit Not Too Good?
Private Mortgage 'Options 2'
Up to 85% of Property Value

  • Credit score does not matter
  • ​Debt ratios do not matter
  • Income does not matter
  • Self-employed
  • New to Canada
  • 1 day discharge from bankruptcy
  • Will payout consumer proposal
  • Will pay out income and property tax arrears
  • Will payout debts, collections and judgement accounts
  • Stop 'Power of Sale/Foreclosure'
  • Approvals same day, funding within 4 days.

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