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'Refresh' Your Credit with a Savings Loan

There really is no such thing as 'credit repair' this is just a common term used.  However, there are methods used to help improve or 'refresh' credit.
Improve Your Credit Score

If you are in bankruptcy, out of bankruptcy or in a Consumer Proposal or Credit Counseling you can still qualify for a 'Refresh Loan'.  Regardless of your credit status, you have a 98% chance of being approved.

  • You are at age of majority
  • Minimum monthly income of $1000
  • Permanent Canadian status

Our goal is simple: help you build credit safely and reach your financial goals.
Your success is important, so included is a free money education course to help you get ahead for good.


"You have done a great job and very helpful with me and you answered all my questions and were very patient with me. You have done a great job and I’m going to tell a bunch of my friends to go there because you’re very helpful and nice and answered all of my questions and didn’t go in circles and that's what I like because it shows me that you believe in the company yourself. Thank you for taking and hour out of you day to make sure I understood everything and that's what I want when I’m trying to get a loan on the phone. Thank you so much and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have got a loan but I did because of your knowledge and your kindness.”
Mike, Oshawa, ON

"I just want to say thank you for your amazing program. After 10 months of being with your program, my credit score jumped from 414 to 715 and I got approved for a $2,500 credit card from my bank. Refresh is amazing! ”
 Andrew, Hamilton ON

We make it easy...quick application, receive a quick response and within 72 hours, close the deal with you.
For more information and/or to apply, click the picture below...

*Loans report to both Equifax and TransUnion helping  you improve your credit score fast.