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If you choose not to deal with your bank or they declined you, we aim for a 'Yes'...usually with fewer conditions.

Who Can we assist:
* Restaurants, Fast Food, Pubs, Diners, Coffee Shops
* Spas, Salons, Barber Shops
* Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast
* Transport, Owner Operators, General Freight
* Auto Repair, Mechanic Shops, Body Shops
* Manufacturing, Wholesalers
* Convenience & Variety Stores
* Retail Stores - Clothing, Dollar stores, Hardware, etc.
* Healthcare - Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Optometrists, etc.
* Landscaping Services
* Janitorial Services
* Staffing & Recruitment Firms
* Construction, Renovations - Case by Case!
​* Some Home Based Business - No Online only or E-commerce

For up to $350,000, 3 months bank statements are usually all that is needed.

Who we cannot assist (at this time) 
* Start-Ups - unless equipment financing / leasing
* Adult Entertainment
* Consultancy Businesses
* Financial Services (Lenders, CPAs,  etc.)
* E-commerce or Online only businesses
​* Non-Profit
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Business Loans over $500,000 or Commercial Mortgages over $100,000!

* Gas Stations, Car Washes
* Hotels, Motels
* Condo, Apartment Buildings, Single and Multi-Family
* Commercial Plazas
* Golf Courses
* Trailer Parks
* Churches
* Industrial Buildings
* Office Buildings
* Retirement Living
* Student Housing

We have products available for most construction projects.

We also assist with Project Financing for industries such as:
Healthcare, Transportation, Entertainment, Industrial,
Environmental, Telecommunications, Mining, plus more.

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