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Want to know if you qualify for financing?

We try to help all businesses however, there is criteria that needs to be met.  Depending on the type of financing you are seeking, criteria may differ.

Our basic criteria:
  1.  Business Loan: Your credit score is 600+
  2.  Business Line of Credit: Your credit score is 660+
  3.  Cash Advance or Invoice Factoring: Credit is not too important
  4.  You have been in business for at least 6 months
  5.  Your annual revenue is minimum $100,000
  6.  No open bankruptcies
  7.  No judgments / litigation against your company
  8. Note: In Canada the 'maximum' loan amount is 50% of annual revenue

What is needed to be approved?
If you believe that you qualify, the following are items we will need to get you approved and funded.

  1. First and foremost, we will require a detailed application and 2 pieces of ID
  2. For Loans or Lines of Credit: 3 months bank statements - However, depending on the type of business, you may be asked for 2 years financial statements & previous year Notice of Assessment (I.e.: Transport / Owner Operators, Construction or renovation related)
  3. Merchant Cash Advance: 6 months of your terminal transaction summaries (1st page of each summary only)
  4. Invoice Financing: Copy of invoices you want to sell & your client's credit must be good
Industries We Cannot Currently Service

Financial Services and Investments:
  • Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Lenders
  • Non-Bank Finance Companies
  • Money Services Businesses
  • Bail Bonding
  • Financial Transaction Processing
  • Credit Protection, Restoration, Repair
  • Collection Agencies & Debt Buyers
  • Debt and Tax Reduction Services
  • Investment Opportunities and Advice
  • Securities & Commodities Dealers/Brokers
  • Insurance Related Activities or Services
  • Real Estate Brokers or Agencies
  • Property Managers
  • Appraisers & Real Estate Consultants
  • Lessors of Real Estate
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • ​Solicitors or Law Firms

  • Pawn Shops/Consignment
  • Discount Travel Clubs / Subscriptions
  • Flea Markets
  • Mail Order Coin Sales
  • Precious Metal Sales
  • Magazine Subscriptions

Services/Administrative Outsourcing:
  • Contracted Management Services
  • Payroll Companies
  • Call Centers & Answering Services
  • Mailing & Fulfillment Houses
  • Attorneys
  • Title Companies/Escrow Agents
  • Notaries
  • Stenography & Court Reporters
  • Brokerage
  • Personal Trainers

Travel & Transportation:
  • Marinas
  • Travel Agencies
  • Museums, Zoos, Historical Sites

(Limited Financing for) Construction, Contractors, and Skilled Trades: (Note: 2yr Financials Required)
  • New housing construction
  • Residential remodeling
  • Commercial and institutional building construction
  • Building and specialty contractors

  • Mining
  • Energy Generation & Distribution
  • Printing
  • Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Funeral Services
  • Video Rental
  • Farming
  • Blood & Organ Banks
  • Religious Organization
  • Government & Non-Profits
  • Online Auctions
  • Adult Entertainment/Materials
  • Lotteries/Raffles/Gaming/Gambling
  • Drug Paraphernalia & Dispensaries
  • Horoscope / Fortune Telling
  • Guns & Ammunition Sales or Manufacturing