Credit Advisors / Mortgage Agents  
Providing business loans, merchant cash advances and operating lines of credit across Canada and USA with national lenders, starting from 4.99%.
We provide a wide array of specialized credit services for business and residential clients:
  •  Business Loans, Merchant Advances,  Equipment Leasing
  •  Residential and Commercial Mortgages
  •  Syndicated Mortgages - Invest in Canadian Real Estate with top  developers earning min. 8% annual returns
  •  Personal Loan Referrals

Want your free credit report?  Use this domain:
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Residential Mortgages: (Inquire for today's rates, always LOW rates)

We offer residential, private and commercial mortgages. Whether you have great credit, credit challenged, self-employed or new to Canada; we have great options, low rates and unbelievable service. We have access to major banks, credit unions, trust companies and private funds for many lending situations.

Business Loans, Working Capital and Merchant Advances: (From 4.99%)

Have you owned your business for at least 3 months?
We Provide Cash Flow For Canada's Small to Large businesses from $5000 to $2,000,000 - Good or Bad Credit!  Find Out How Much Your Business Qualifies For in 24hrs!!  No upfront or hidden fees! 
Loans under $350,000 funded with only '3 months bank statements'   Minimum annual revenue of $100,000 or daily debit/credit transactions of minimum $5000.
95% of Applicants are APPROVED in 24-48hrs for up to $2,000,000CDN. per business location.
Call today!  OR for under $300,000 inquire and/or apply direct at:  

For Good or Bad Credit: 
  • In Canada:
  • In USA:

Good Credit and in business for over 2 years:
  • In Canada:
  • In USA:

Personal Loans: (From 4.8%)

We have alliances to assist you on obtaining a personal loan online from the comfort of your home or work, wherever you have internet access. Loans from $1000 to $35000.  Credit cannot be challenged and there must be f/t or guaranteed income to qualify.  Use one of these links to inquire and apply when ready.  Copy and paste one of the links below into your browser.

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Real Estate Investments: (Earn 8-9% annually)

FDS Broker Services is the largest full service distributor of Real Estate Investments, providing the opportunity to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian Real Estate 'development and construction'. 
We take the confusion out of the equation by educating and walking you through every step of the process including 'free' legal advice and transferring your funds. Once invested, we provide regular updates on the progress of each project.  Visit us here.
Who Do We Work With?
Along with businesses like yours, between our lenders and us we have helped businesses such as: Papa John's, Dominos Pizza, Boston Pizza, Denny's,  Subway, Mister Muffler, AAMCO, Super 8, and many more.

I needed working capital to grow my business and found SmartBiz/CapitalCreditCanada by searching on the internet. The process was pretty simple and their loan consultant was great, helping me throughout the process.
Terry Trumbell, Terry Trumbull Meats LLC